First something: My secret keeper


SOMETHING NEW! I love this picture I got from Alex Shye’s blog site. (Hi I don’t know you, but thank you for the picture!)

I only started this blog because I’m really tired of keeping secrets and feelings kept or otherwise social media-publicized for the whole world to see. I was never really good at keeping things to myself, I always had someone I can share it to– a friend, a sister, a brother, a boyfriend, whoever’s first on my trust list, I shared with. This blog is just really a lot of useless somethings (a secret blogthing, and I’m not planning to unprivate it anytime soon). This blog is, well, Awkward-inspired, you can say that! Anything and everything about things I think of, when I have the time to do so, or when I feel like it. Whatever little evers, unreal and stupid somethings I’d make up, I’d write. But most of the time, I’d show actual highlights, bits, and snippets of my life. It’s my secret keeper! They say writing can be therapeutic and gives you that cathartic experience that other sites can’t ever do for me. That’s why I hate those sites, sometimes. I feel like being judged and judgmental at the same time. It’s ironic… and unhealthy. Thank God for avenues like this worldwideweb paper I’m writing on right now. I’m not promising to keep this up and write every time (I’m saying it so I’d have a chance to prove myself wrong and actually DO keep it up and write every time… except maybe now that I actually wrote my real reason right after. Stupid. Oh well.) Cheers to new somethings! –A 🙂


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